Terms of Use

Last Updated: 28/11/2014

Thank you for using Buddycloud! The Terms of Use are meant to cover your use and access to the Buddycloud's services. By using our services you automatically accept the terms here described, so please make sure you have a full understanding of its content before making any use of the website buddycloud.com, or of any of the Buddycloud's products or services.

If you are accepting the Buddycloud's Terms of Use on behalf of a company, you accept the responsibility that you are an authorized party towards that entity, and that you can bind them to these Terms of Use.

Most Importantly

Be nice and respect other users on Buddycloud.

Agreement Between You & Buddycloud

When you use the Buddycloud's services to create your product, you are the owner of such product or service, and with that the responsible party. Buddycloud provides you with tools you can use to build products, but Buddycloud is not responsible for your conduct and for the products your create using their products.

Signing Up & Use of Buddycloud's Services

We realise and support the right to use pseudonyms and alternative identities on Buddycloud. But this shouldn't be used to impersonate another user. But if you are providing billing information, we'd really appreciate accurate information.

You are responsible for maintaining secure your account password, and for making a good use of your account. If you realize there is an unauthorized use of your account, please notify the Buddycloud team as soon as possible.

Your use of the Buddycloud's products and services should also follow all applicable local laws and regulations.

We do our best to secure Buddycloud. If you do find a vulnerability, please inform our security team. Do not use this to hack into other user's accounts or the Buddycloud system.

Service Policies & Privacy

You agree to have read Buddycloud's Privacy Policy available in this same website. You agree to use data and have your data used as specified in such policy.

You will solely be responsible for the privacy and legal rights of the users your have in your product or services, ensuring that they are aware of the information use and distribution of your application.

Proprietary Rights

Buddycloud agrees that it obtains no legal right to the products and services you develop using Buddycloud, including any intellectual property rights related to such services, whether or not they are officially registered in your located country.

We ask that you respect Buddycloud's intellectual property rights: the logo can name. Whether or not they are officially registered in your located country.

You agree to be entirely responsible for protecting and administering your own rights and Buddycloud has no obligation in doing so on your behalf.

Rights & Obligations of Buddycloud

Buddycloud will provide its users with the Buddycloud's product and services as well as give active support service when necessary, doing the best to provide reasonable available service. Buddycloud reserves the right to suspend or deactivate a user's account (on the hosted service or Buddycloud sites that we run: buddycloud.com/org/net) and to prohibit his access to the Buddycloud's services, for malicious use of the Buddycloud's stack, the use of Buddycloud's stack to produce illegal activities, or the attempt to harm other users.

Rights & Obligations of Customer

The customer is responsible for all of the activities he takes place in, including, but not limited to, those related to the development, production, delivery and promotion of his own products or services. The customer shall respect all applicable laws to the performance of his services, including those related to his product as well as those related to the services provided to his own users.

[As ridiculous as it sounds, our lawyers tell us that we need to include the following paragraph]

Customers must notify Buddycloud when they become involved in any illegal, fraudulent or violation of rights that can affect Buddycloud or their own personal interest. They shall notify the Buddycloud's team when they are aware or suspect that others are attempting to hack their account or attempting against Buddycloud's security measures in any way.

Fees & Payment

Buddycloud will receive fees as compensation for the services provided to its users. The amounts received correspond to those specified in their website, unless agreed through a written form. Buddycloud reserves the right to change the listed fees at any moment with a notification to users already involved in an agreement within 15 calendar days prior to the adjustment taking place in the billing.

All payment obligations for the corresponding services are non-cancelable, and the paid amounts non-refundable.

The fees listed in the website don't include any applicable taxes, therefore, the customer is responsible for the payment of all government charges and taxes according to the law or their country.

Any change in the services required by the user shall be notified to Buddycloud with a minimum of 5 calendar days in order for the agreement with Buddycloud to be amended.

The customer enables Buddycloud to use an external party to process payments, and will facilitate their bank and personal details to such an entity in order to make the corresponding payments to Buddycloud, for credit verification and administration of your account. The payment terms will be specified in advance, unless expressed differently through a written form.

Buddycloud will send the bills to the contact email address provided by the user when registering into the service. Bills shall be paid by the user within 30 calendar days after the invoice due date. If the payment hasn't been done by then, Buddycloud will proceed with the suspension of the services unless agreed otherwise by both parties.

Warranties & Disclaimers

Buddycloud warrants that it has full power and authority to provide its product and services as described in this document.

[We're not perfect... yet, so,] You agree to use the Buddycloud's product and service at your own aim, fully aware that the Buddycloud's services may not meet completely your personal requirements.

Indemnification & Limitation of Liability

You expressly acknowledge and agree that Buddycloud will not be held responsible or liable to you for any damages which may be derived from developing and distributing your product. This includes, but is not limited to, any loss of profit or company reputation that may arise while developing your business.

Modifications & Termination

Buddycloud reserves the right to innovate and therefore modify its product and services at any time, without direct notification to specific users. Changes in such terms of use will be made public through the website and you are may reconsider your agreement with Buddycloud under such event.

Buddycloud may terminate your account and restrict your access to its servers without direct prior notice under evidence of breach of this agreement. You agree that Buddycloud isn't liable to you or to any external party for such termination of the agreement. You will be granted the possibility to save your content and transfer it to another server.

Of course you are always welcome to run your own Buddycloud service if you are unhappy with the provided service.

Buddycloud respects other people's work and intellectual property rights and asks that you respect Buddycloud copyrights.

Changes to the Terms of Use

Buddycloud can make minor changes to this Terms of Use policy from time to time, for which we recommend our users to check frequently this page in order to be updated on Buddycloud's Terms of Use.

By making use or accessing the Buddycloud's services after new changes in the Terms of Use have come into effect, you automatically agree to be bound by them.

If You Read all of This

Please contact a member of the Buddycloud team (via their channel), and they will buy you a beer when you are next in Berlin.

Contact Us

For questions or concerns about the Terms of Use please get in touch with us at team@buddycloud.com or by calling us.

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 28/11/2014

Thank you for using Buddycloud! In this Privacy Statement we explain how we collect information and the practices regarding Buddycloud's webpage buddycloud.com and its products and services. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, and make sure you fully understand what it represents before making use of our website or any of our products or services, since by doing so you accept the practices here described.

You can also have a look at Buddycloud's Terms of Use available in this same website.

Information Collected

In order to give you a product that covers your necessities and to be able to improve and protect our products and services we may collect some personal and anonymous information from you when you visit our website, provide the data to us or use our services.

The personal information includes the data that can identify you as a person, and Buddycloud user: for example, your name, phone number, e-mail address, physical address that you provide to Buddycloud when you decide to use the Buddycloud product or services. In some cases, when you make use of some Buddycloud services, you may be asked to provide additional payment information like your credit card number.

We're not a data-mining company and we don't make money off user data, but by nature of how the web works, when you make use of our website and other Buddycloud services, Buddycloud can collect anonymous information: non-personal data that is not associated with your personal data, and doesn't identify you concretely as an individual person. This information is collected through commonly information gathering tools, like cookies or web beacons. This information identifies your navigation activities and the devices that you use to access the services, but doesn't provide with personal information. This allows us to give you with a better and more personalized experience at our website or other online services.

Use of the Information

The information collected is not shared with third parties not related to Buddycloud or sold to advertisers.

Buddycloud will share your information with trusted employed parties working with them. They will use this information to perform tasks in your behalf like to provide, protect, improve or promote Buddycloud's services.

In case of any other reason to share your information with third parties, Buddycloud will get in contact to inform you of the the case and what your relation to it may involve. This includes a requirement by law or if Buddycloud considers that the use or disclosure of information is necessary to protect the company's rights under a legal process of any type.

Forums and Reference Lists

Any personal information that you voluntarily submit to the Buddycloud's channels or blogs may be read, collected or used by other users of the Buddycloud service (for example, your channel's followers. Buddycloud can collect this data in order to provide a better online experience through their services. Please be responsible with the information that you decide to share in these platforms.

Transfer of Information

In order for Buddycloud to operate internationally, it may be possible that the data and customers' information is transferred to other locations around the world, not necessarily in your country.

Correcting & Updating Your Information

You can update or change your registration information once logged in to your Buddycloud's user account, or by contacting us through e-mail at team@buddycloud.com.

Security Measures

When you sign in to the Buddycloud's hosting service you are required a username and password in order to have your account secure. This information should be kept secret from third parties, and you should prevent unauthorized access to your account when you aren't actively using it, by signing off after you have finished using your account.

Our focus is concentrated on appropriately protecting your privacy and personal information hold on our records. However, we cannot guarantee 100% security from unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure or any other external factors that may affect Buddycloud's servers.

Changes in this Privacy Policy

Buddycloud can make minor changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time, for which we recommend our users to check frequently this page in order to be updated on Buddycloud's Privacy Policy.

By making use or accessing the Buddycloud's services after new Privacy Policy changes have come into effect, you automatically agree to be bound by them.

In case of a company reorganization, merger or acquisition, your information may be transferred to another company as part of that deal, and changes to the Privacy Policy may come into effect. In this case, we will notify you and inform you of your available choices.

Contact Us

For questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy please get in touch with us at team@buddycloud.com or by calling us.

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