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The protocol that drives Buddycloud.
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Run Buddycloud

On my laptop / On a virtual-machine.

Download and run Buddycloud on your development server.

In production.

We've designed the Buddycloud features to run the same bits in development as you run in production. So you always ship to production in a reliable manner. All Buddycloud code is deployable using Buddycloud's saltstack scripts.

Please run it for me.

We have several support contracts to help you run Buddycloud on-premises.

Advanced: I already have an XMPP server.

Buddycloud components treat the XMPP server as a pure message router and will work with any XMPP server.

To test Buddycloud againsts your own XMPP server without installing anything, just add the following DNS records:

                                 CNAME                PTR     

Now visit

Test your site.

The Buddycloud Protocol Tester remotely checks your Buddycloud site for configuration bugs.

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