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Start building secure messaging using the free test platform. In two minutes you can create your own domain (for example or and start building. The test platform includes access to all services so that you don't need to deploy any software on site.

The Dev-Console includes

Buddycloud-API: Feed your app with RESTful queries or a streaming Websocket API.
Buddycloud-Pusher: Nudge sleepy mobiles with fresh content alerts.
Buddycloud-Search: Find content and channels and any Buddycloud site.
Buddycloud-Taste: Recommend content to users based on the channels they already follow.
Buddycloud-Mediaserver: Enable file sharing between users.
Buddycloud-FriendFinder: Smooth the onboarding process for your users by recommending people they may already know.
No Lock In: all hosting plans feature the ability to do a full data export. Simply export data in any moment and import it into your self-hosted Buddycloud site and you are done.
Security: TLS encryption by default
API auto-discovery: Discover your API endpoint with just a DNS query.
XMPP-Enabled: All user accounts are XMPP-enabled
Federation-Enabled: Share content with users on other Buddycloud sites.
Analytics: insight into your user growth and connected session count notifications.

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